Call to speak with our intake specialist about your current concerns and goals. We will recommend one of the professional therapists on our staff, based on your needs and personal preferences, that can help you most effectively.


Our compassionate, confidential, and ethical care is carefully tailored to your individual needs and can help you create meaningful progress in your life.

Safely, Ethically and Confidentially Addressing:


Anxiety & Panic

Supervised Medical Weight-Loss

Relationship & Conflict Issues

Loss - Grief - Bereavement

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Unexplained Physical Symptoms

Life Transitions Support

Eating Disorders

Substance Use & Abuse

Trauma - Abuse - Neglect

Chronic Pain

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IEP/504 Assessment

LGBTQ+ Support

Chronic Stress

Brain Injury Screening

Child & Adult ADHD Assessment, Diagnosis, Treatment

Beriatric Surgery Assessment

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