Scott Robinowitz, LCSW

I grew up on the West Coast where I had the opportunity to work in various careers.


After coaching college basketball for some time, I made the decision to switch careers and move to Chicago so I could pursue a graduate degree in social work and start my transition into a career in mental health. I completed my MSW at Loyola University Chicago.


My perspective is that everyone's life has a story, and therapy is a way to identify and change that story to fit with your goals, values and designs.  Seeking counseling can be difficult, and I enjoy supporting people in finding their narrative and re-writing it the way they desire to fit their needs.  As a strength-based and client-centered therapist, I believe that meeting people where they are enables them to feel at ease and supported in the process. Helping others identify their innate strengths and using them is a large part of my philosophy.


As a former athlete and coach, I specialize in working with athletes and have a
comprehensive understanding of the challenges and stressors that come with athletics and the systems surrounding them. I have experience working with trauma, anxiety, self-esteem/self-worth, mood disorders, personality disorders, life adjustments, grief, loss, depression and anger. I utilize a narrative approach as well as DBT, CBT, ACT, mindfulness and positive psychology. My hobbies include laughing, spending time in nature, being active, animals and enjoying college athletics.