Dr. Michelle Sobon

As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist I specialize in working with complicated kids and their frustrated parents. These kids tend to be dysregulated, anxious, rigid, overactive, and for one reason or another, have a hard time following directions. Many of the child’s behaviors leave teachers and parents concerned about the child’s ability to do well in school and with peers. My passion is to collaborate with you and help your child or teen thrive.


I have dedicated my career to the prevention, evaluation, and treatment of learning & mental health disorders among children and their families. Through my work in schools, clinics, and pediatric nonprofits, parents have been able to move from feeling depleted and defeated in their parenting to having clarity on how to help their child. I provide a range of services to support children’s growth and wellness in their families and communities: Psychological Evaluations, Therapy, Workshops and Trainings.



Psychological Evaluations

Do you have concerns about your child's academic performance or behavior? Does your child have difficulty getting along with others? Are you concerned that your child may need additional supports to be successful? Psychological evaluations are a data-based process that provides clarity to a child’s unique strengths and struggles. I conduct individualized evaluations for a variety of concerns, including ADHD, Autism, learning disorders, depression, & anxiety. In order to develop a personalized intervention plan and be able to observe how your child approaches tasks, I personally administer all assessments (no assistants). After these comprehensive evaluations parents often say that they now better understand their child and are able to bring the evaluation to the school.




From school troubles to meltdowns to overwhelming anxiety, parents often feel at a loss for how to respond to their child. Many times, arguments, homework battles, and power struggles are the result. Therapy can help. Together, we’ll work through research-backed strategies to better understand why the problem is happening. Kids learn to be more confident, grounded, and cooperative. Parents learn why the problem comes up and how to address it before it spirals out of hand. After some time in therapy, as a result of our collaboration, parents start to coming into sessions saying “Our home is so much less chaotic. Parenting is still hard, but it’s not as draining and stressful.”


Parents can expect to be highly involved in their child’s treatment process so that goals can be met quickly and progress can be maintained long after completing treatment.



Workshops and Trainings

I aim to be a resource to the community and believe that when caregivers, educators, and pediatric professionals are equipped with knowledge and tools, the child thrives. I offer child behavior management trainings, staff workshops, mental health/behavioral consultations, and professional development for teachers and schools. Workshop topics include Growth Mindset, responding to Anxiety, understanding ADHD, and more.


Dr. Sobon is a paneled expert with the PediaSource Parent Resource Platform.