We, as mental health professionals, recognize the racist and “white savior complex” foundations of our profession and are committed to anti-racist clinical practice and continual decolonization of our work. We condemn systemic oppression that continually perpetuates the murder of Black, Brown, Indigenous, Queer, and Trans people, and firmly stand with ALL of the protesters and activists who are fighting for justice and accountability.
Our practice is taking intentional time to reflect on our policies, training, and personal anti-racist approaches to assess what practical steps need to be taken to further this commitment. We will be creating a statement in the future to outline a more detailed plan of direct actions we are taking to contribute to anti-racist work. 

Do you struggle with the idea of talking to someone or think therapy would

not be of any help? We do our best to make the time together as comfortable and effective as it can be.

Whether you're suffering from a loss, experiencing a high level of stress or anxiety, or are unable to pinpoint why you are "not feeling like yourself," Therapy Can Help. Perhaps you had previous treatment and are looking to continue or revisit therapy.

Our competent, open, non-judgemental, and professional staff members, Psychologists, Social Workers, Professional Counselors, engage in continued training of scientifically validated techniques, strategies, and methods of helping. Members of our staff also speak multiple languages including Spanish, French, Gujarati, Hindi, Polish, and Romanian.


Additionally, we will work with your primary care provider and other health care professionals to ensure the highest level of integrated behavioral healthcare. 

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"The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination."

                           - Carl Rogers

Our compassionate, confidential, and ethical care is carefully tailored to your individual needs and can help you create meaningful progress in your life.


Safely, Ethically and Confidentially